Friday, February 18, 2011

Podcast Friday! D-Town is back!

Hey, if you have Monday off, you better have time to listen to these podcasts, because D-Town TV is back! Yep, one of the best podcasts has kicked off a new season with added hosts and a new set. D-Town has been one of the best sources for good photography tips. D-Town steals the show this time around. Also, new from Kelby TV will be coming a new podcast called The Grid. Head over to for more info on that.

D-Town TV: Episode 64

In this episode: two very exciting announcements, a tip on using a grid with a beauty dish, when and how to use the highlight warning on camera LCD, a tip on making cheap v-flats, RC Concepcion's new book, how to use gels on flash in combination with camera white balance to get the best shot, a tip on using the sun to your advantage when shooting outdoor portraits with available light, and a chance to win a full-conference pass for Photoshop World Orlando!


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Digital Photo Experience: 2.15.11

In this episode of the Digital Photo Experience Podcast Rick and Juan answer some of your questions and Rick interviews Hal Schmitt, previously a fighter pilot who taught at the Navy’s Top Gun Fighter Pilot School and now run and teaches at the LIGHT Photographic Workshops and also runs the spectacular California Photo Festival.

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