Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture of the Week–2.17.11


Shooting sports in the darkest, worst lit gym in the world was challenging. With ISO in the 6400 range and shutter speeds barely fast enough to catch the action. Yeah, that’s Adam up there shooting a three point shot and yes, he made it. Focus on the photo! Lightroom 3 did a great job at almost eliminating the noise that was in this photo. Why was my ISO in the 6400 range? Because I shot it with my f/3.5 to 5.6 lens. I am not going to get in to all of that stuff right now. Let’s save that for a future post.Head over to my sports video to learn how to shoot sports, and keep an eye on the blog for a post about low light sports and fast lenses.

Specs: 1/320th sec.     f/5.6      ISO 6400

Canon EF-S 18-200mm. lens at 90mm.

Canon EOS 50D

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