Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back it up!

You know how valuable those pictures are. Are you seriously going to have them in one location? No, that doesn’t work. How would you like it if you woke up one morning, turn on your computer and all of your data is corrupt. Yeah, it will happen with a Mac computer too. If you backed up all of your pictures, you will be smiling, knowing that all of your pictures are still in perfect condition on that other hard drive, or even better, in the cloud (the internet). You can buy a new hard drive for your computer, and restore all of your pictures and voila! Now, if you didn’t back it up, then well, you’re screwed. There’s no going back. Be proactive, back it up. Using a simple file synchronization program such as Allway sync will keep your backup and hard drive in perfect sync. There are other solutions that I will cover in future posts. Just feast your mind on that topic. Once you have your hard drive, I‘ll tell you the rest.

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