Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Very Royal Gorge

This is one of those places that if you’re stopping by or passing by, you might as well stop. For me, it turned into a photo opportunity just like mostly everything else. Sure, the Royal Gorge is deep, but not nearly as deep at the Grand Canyon. There are a couple things that make the Royal Gorge what it is though. The fact that you can get to the bottom without burning up or hiking is great. You just take an elevator thingy down to the bottom. The other thing is the bridge that spans across the gaping gorge. If you’re afraid of heights, this isn’t the bridge for you. You walk on planks of wood that every time a car passes by, they vibrate like crazy. You have a very nice view from up there. My favorite part of the whole thing was the tram that also took you to the other side of the Gorge. It was breezy that day so I automatically thought that it was going to sway, not true at all. Like I said, if you’re passing or stopping by, take a detour and see the sights that the Gorge that has to offer.


The elevator that takes you to the bottom in just a couple minutes. Yes, it goes up too.


The bridge in relevance to the Gorge. Kinda small, eh?


The tram that goes across the Gorge


The many steel cables that hold up the bridge.

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