Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simple Geotagging–Part 2

Alright, so now that you have those tracks saved somewhere on your unit, let’s get into how to importing those tracks into your computer. Let’s jump right in!

-If you have a dedicated GPS unit, refer to your user manual to learn how to import those track files to your computer.

-If you use Android, the process in surprisingly simple. Go into the My Tracks app, and go to your saved tracks. Tap on your track and tap export. The track has been exported to you SD card in your phone. Then go into the market and download an app called WebSharingLite. This software allows you to access your SD over your local network. One the app is installed launch in and start WebSharing. Then open your web browser on your computer and type in the IP address specified by the app. Then type in the password specified by the app. Go to the folder My Tracks and download the file you exported on your phone. Then your done!

-If you use an iPhone, your method isn’t quite as straightforward because the iPhone is limited as it doesn’t have a file system accessible by the user. First, open up Trails Lite on your iPhone and select your track. Click on the export icon in the bottom left corner. Click email and type in your email address in the To field. Now, tap send. Now, access your email on your computer and select the email you sent. Download the .gpx file to your computer. And you are now done!

Now that you have the track file on your computer, make sure to watch the blog next week for the 3rd part of the guide. Thanks!


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