Thursday, March 17, 2011

Major, Major Changes…

Yep, and depending on your point of view, these could be bad or good changes. Let’s run down a list of what we have on our hands right now:

  • Less Tips: This means that there will be no more regular tips on Wednesday anymore. When I feel the urge to write down a tip that I think you would want to hear about, I’ll post it.
  • No more Picture of the Week: I know, it’s a tough one, but the Picture of the Week was getting kind of hard to get ready every week. Look at the next item on the list for more info
  • Frequently Updated Portfolio: This is the reason I am backing the blog way down. I want to focus more on making and posting the images themselves, not writing about them. With a frequently updated portfolio, you will have all of my top photos all in one place, and it’s all updated quickly
  • A more personal blog: I might expand what I write about on this blog, it mostly will be related to photography, but I have decided that doing just writing about photography gets a bit boring to write, and read too. I will write more about my experiences, not the pictures alone.
  • No specific schedule for posts: Tuesday and Thursday were picture of the week, Wednesday was the tips day, and Friday was Podcast Friday. No more of that. Like I said before, if I have something I think you should know, I’ll write about it.
  • Changing Name (Again): Since there won’t be anymore tips or picture of the week anymore, JPEG Photo doesn’t really fit the bill. I am brainstorming names right now. The web address will probably be changed also. If you get your updates through Facebook, no actions are required.
  • Next to No videos: Since there aren’t going to be very many tips anymore, that means that there will be less videos, way less.

By the way, here is the link to the new Portfolio:! (Adobe Flash is Required to view)

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  1. I look forward to anything you send my way!!!