Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Picture of the Week- 2.1.11


It’s a new month, right? Let’s start it off with a trick. Have you noticed how green it is behind this cactus? If you thought this picture was taken in Arizona, you’re wrong. This picture was taken in Del Mar, CA in March 2010. Pretty crazy, eh? Well, to get this picture, you are going to have to find this exact same cactus.

That’s pretty darn easy if you have Google Earth installed on your computer! You can just download this file. Then click save and save it to your desktop. Now, open up Google Earth and go to File>Open and browse your desktop where you saved your file and click open. It will open it up into the Temporary places folder in the left pane. Double click “IMG 3151” and Google earth will take to the exact spot where I took this photograph. So, you can go find the same cactus. Have Fun!

No, you don’t have to go find the same cactus and there really wasn’t a lot of technical things that went into this photograph that I need to mention so I’ll just give you the specs. Even though I don’t know how much you really want those either!

Specs: 1/400th sec.     f/8     ISO 100

Canon EF-S 18-200mm. lens at 60mm.

Canon EOS 50D body.

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