Monday, February 15, 2010

Stuck with that popup flash???

Do you have a DSLR with a popup flash? Have you ever gone somewhere and forgot your external flash or don’t have an external flash? Well, as you may know built in pop up flashes create harsh shadows and degrade the skin tones and color saturation. There is a Timeless and effort less way to create a pop up flash bouncer/diffuser. All you need is an index card (paper may work, I haven’t tried.) and scotch tape. Here is a picture of the setup on my 50d:

Picture 1

All you have to do it fold the index card and roll a piece of scotch tape and stick it on as shown:

Picture 2 Here is a comparison with and without the diffuser/bouncer:

Without diffuser:


With diffuser:


As you can see, you can get much better pictures with that pop up flash if you put the diffuser on it.

Original idea came from here.

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