Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yo, I’m on vacation

Yes I know, I don’t say this often. I am in sunny Colorado (wait, sunny?) in a town called Woodland Park just northwest of Colorado Springs. As you might know, there is very tall mountain just not too far from here called Pikes Peak. In Woodland Park and surrounding areas you have a spectacular view of the Peak. Without doubt, I’ve taken many pictures. The sad part is that I don’t exactly have access to photo editing or organization software that can do the job. Once I get back home, which I won’t be until the end of June (or beginning of July) be expecting a whole lot of pictures and a lot of posts!

Photography takes up a lot of my life but certainly not all of it. I am opening up about what I write about here. I have a lot of experiences that I would like to share with you that don’t involve photography. I’m going to share that with you here in my own little corner of the internet. So be expecting those posts too.

All in all, lots of posts and then lots of pictures after my long trip is over.

See ya!


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