Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, AZ

Yeah, I know, those recent blog changes took a toll on all of you guys. Since I got rid of the regular schedule, there will be more of these posts…the good ones in my opinion.

Remember the posts a while back from when I went to the Desert Museum? The Boyce-Thompson Arboretum is a lot like that, but without the animals and a whole lot more plants.

When you think of shooting plants, you think macro. When you think of macro, you think of those super expensive macro lenses. Did I use one of those here? Nope, I used my usual 18-200mm. zoom lens. If you have a lens that zooms out to 200mm or greater, they work like a dream…


Unfortunately, it was a pretty cloudy day. In a way, this was beneficial because colors always pop a little more than when it’s sunny.

We’ll start with my best picture I made while I was there…drum roll please!


This picture is of a plant, and quite frankly, I can remember the name of it. Were all about the pictures right? This plant looked great when shot from above.



This is a type of cactus. It really looks like spikey tall grass huh?


Remember that tip about getting a new angle, such a long time ago? It really gives this flower a new look right?


A nice, sharp lens would be really good for this kind of shot. I managed to pull it off with my lens.


I know, there wasn’t supposed to be any animals here. This was an exception because it was wild. If you ask me, this isn’t that bad a picture coming from the lens that I used (My 18-200mm.)

So, there you go, a rundown of some of my best pictures from that trip to the Arboretum. Feel free to download any of these and use them as wallpapers for your computers. If you want to use them for anything else, please contact me at



  1. WOW! Love the pics! Can't wait to see this place.

  2. I especially like the one taken from the top!