Friday, February 25, 2011

Podcast Friday is back! Photofocus, D-Town and more!

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Yep, it’s Friday! Yay! Even better, it’s podcast Friday! Yep, and this week was jam packed with the best photography podcasts money cam buy. Wait, you have pay for these? Nope, they’re all completely free and you are encouraged to spread them and this blog about. Why don’t we dive right it?

Digital Photo Experience: Image Management Workflow

This is the second episode of the NEW Image Management Workflow podcast segment. In this new series of podcasts Rick and Juan will talk about managing all your digital photos and videos.

Juan & Rick continue talking about how to work and safeguard your image files. In this episode we talk about what we do AFTER we create those images and download them to our computers.

(From The Digital Photo Experience Website)

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Photofocus: Episode #67

Guess What? This podcast is so new that there is no description on the website so I guess you and me both will have to listen to it. Ha ha!

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D-Town TV: Episode 65




In this episode: how to bring back blown-out detail in photos using Lightroom and Camera Raw, Kelby Training Online, using Digimarc to help protect your images from theft, a tip on using hand and foot warmers to prolong battery life in cold weather, the work of photographer James Quantz, and a chance to win a copy of RC's brand new book, Get Your Photography On The Web!

(From the D-Town TV website)

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Larry’s Cheap Shots: Light Socket Multiplication


A few seasons ago I mentioned a budget cool-light adapter that helped make a fake Spiderlite. Well, this is an alternative and it's even cheaper. I taped this but I don't think it ever aired so this may not really be a rewind. If you DID see this one before, let me know which episode in the comments section.

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(From the Larry’s Cheap Shots Website)

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