Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picture of the Week–1.25.11


I know, I know, all you want is the picture, and not what I have to say down here, but if you are a beginner photographer or just a photographer in general, you’ll be happy that you read this. This is a perfect example of just letting your subject be natural, themselves. You allow to do what they want when they want. Then it doesn’t look forced. This really adds a lot to a photograph. Anyway, to get this photo:

  • Use all sports settings, since we have a subject that is moving quickly (as explained in my sports video)
  • Get at a perspective that allows the subjects face to be lit, or a place where the subject will be a complete silhouette.

Specs: 1/500th sec.     f/5.6     ISO 200

Canon EF-S 18-200mm at 200mm.

Canon EOS 50D Body

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