Monday, November 1, 2010

Bus Fire last Wednesday


OK, don’t freak out, nobody was hurt is this bus that went up in flames last Wednesday. So here’s how it all played out:

First the Administration came on the intercom at school and told everybody parked by this bus needed to move their car. They said that twice. My mom got curious and looked out the window and practically yelled ‘There’s a bus on fire!’. At this point, small flames were visible and some fluids were leaking out of the bottom. I had my camera that day because I was taking pictures for the yearbook. My mom told me to grab my camera. We went to the front of the school where the windows go from ceiling to floor. (As seen below) IMG_3117

Within minutes more flames were visible and fluids were gushing out of the bottom of the bus. The seats in the back of the bus caught fire and then the fire spread to the front of the bus at what seems to be like 200mph. IMG_3115 edited 1

And then, the whole bus was engulfed in flames, the entire bus.


Then, finally the fire department gets here, after the bus has almost burnt itself to a crisp.


Then, once the fire department got the fire out, the bus looked like it had come from a junkyard.



The bus was a bit of a low rider after the fire because the back tires blew.


That’s not all. I had sent my pictures in to one of the news stations, not really expecting them to go public, but they did! Hit the link below for the article (look at the caption under the picture! Winking smile)

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