Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture of the week- 10.21.10


I saw this picture while I was looking for Tuesday’s picture. I shared this one on my Yellowstone – Grand Teton Album. I have always wanted to get this shot. It took hundreds of wasted shots to get this one, but it was way worth it. I got this picture by:

  • Setting my camera to burst shooting and continuous focusing
  • Luck (again)
  • Patience (very important!)

Specs: 1/250th sec.     f/5.6     ISO 320     190mm.

If you are interested in photography, then please subscribe to these podcasts: D-Town TV and Photofocus. They are really great photography podcasts and have helped me learn a lot. Best of all, they’re FREE!

(I get paid to put that at the end of my posts, just kidding. ;)  )

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