Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tip: How to Get a Blurred Background When Shooting Motion


Have a blurred background like the one in the picture above gives a sense of movement to your photos. If you are photographing a race car, bike, or some other thing on wheels, then freezing the subject makes it look like it was parked there and not really moving. That sense of movement really adds some impact. To start, I‘ll just remind you right now, this takes a lot of practice. Here are the steps to get this shot:

  1. Put your camera in Shutter Priority Mode
  2. Set your camera to continuous shooting mode
  3. Set your focus or drive setting to continuous focusing
  4. Now, set your shutter speed to at least 1/80 sec. for bikes (probably higher for cars)
  5. Start panning and shooting the subject before it is right in front of you and don’t let off the shutter until they are passed you. The most dramatic shots come when you are panning the fastest, or when the subject is almost in front of you.
  6. It will take several times to get a crisp photo.

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