Sunday, August 29, 2010

Setting a Custom White Balance with Just a Piece of Paper!


Have you ever looked at a professional photographer’s photos and saw those nice, vivid colors in their photos? Mostly, it’s because set their white balance accordingly to their environment. Now, these photographers use grey cards. Grey Cards are pretty self explanatory. They are cards filled with 18% grey. All you have to do to use one of these cards is take a picture of it, filling the frame, and then set your custom white balance. Grey Cards are pretty cheap, but if you want that exact white balance without spending money, try using the same method with using a white piece of paper. Now, this all depends on the kind of paper you have. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. You need a white piece of paper, not the recycled stuff. Then, set your lens to manual focus, and fill the frame with the piece of paper. Make sure it IS OUT OF FOCUS. Then, according to your camera brand, set your custom white balance:


Canon (From Canon 50D manual, should work for most Canons)

Nikon (From Nikon D80 Manual, should work for most Nikons)

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