Thursday, February 11, 2010

My new 50d


I just received a Canon 50d. It used to be my dad's but he got a new one. He took very good care of the 50d so it is in great condition. I went out shooting today. I took action shots of Noah and Adam outside. These are the first pictures I took with the 50d. Oh, and this is my blog where I will post the pictures I take and tips I would like to share with you all. Please comment on tips to see if they worked for you or not. Also, comment on my pictures to tell me what I can do better to get better photos. Thanks.

Some of these images are a tad underexposed, it was getting dark but I just couldn't stop! Also these images were not edited in Photoshop. I plan to brighten them up and re-post them. You can download the full version of these photos by clicking on them as these ones are compressed and do not show maximum quality.


f 4.5 1/640th sec ISO 800 50mm


f 5.6 1/640th sec ISO 800 145mm


f 5.6 1/640th sec ISO 800 180mm


f 5.6 1/400th sec ISO 800 130mm

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